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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cute Story ..

Gracie usually likes her daddy in the morning, and she was hanging on him .. but he had to leave and take the boys to school. So he says "You have to start loving mommy more then me" .. then he left. Since then, she climbed up on me and was kissing me and hugging on me. Then she said she was hungry. This is how our convo went:

Me: Do you want Poptart?
Gracie: No Poptart
Me: Banana?
Gracie: No Banana
Me: Eggs?
Gracie: No Eggs
Me: Cereal
Gracie: No Cereal
Me: Apple Sauce?
Gracie: Noooo HOT Sauce
Me: Nooo not hot sauce ..apple sauce
Me: Danonino (her favorite yogurt)

She put a BIG smile on her face, and shook her head side ways. I laughed, and said .. guess that's a yes then.
It was so cute!

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