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I am 31 year old mom to TJ (9) Thomas (6) and Gracie (34). And I'm happily married to my wonderful, loving husband Daniel. I love photography!

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Then Sings My Soul by Robert J. Morgan

This book is unlike any book I have ever read. But I loved it. The stories of these people are just so  powerful and strong. It is amazing what faith in the higher power can do. Some of my favorite hymns that have touched my life and still to this day I sing with a open heart and contrite spirit. The struggles and triumphs the authors of the hymns have written and shared, it's just amazing. I sang the songs on the page right before I read about it, and it made me understand it a lot better. I highly recommend this book to anyone.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 28

 July 21st, 2010

I know I haven't done this for a while, but I am ready to start again ..

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 27

Good ol' Crayola ... how I love you ..

And yes I realize her pants are wet .. from Sunny Delight ..

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Life is too short ...

You never realise how short life really is, until something drastic happens. If you are mad at someone, make up. Don't take anything for granted. Hug your family, friends, husband and just remember, no matter how hard you have it ..someone somewhere has it harder then you. No matter what place or time. ♥

My best friends husband is in the ICU. He had a aneurysm this afternoon while she was at work, and their 8 year old son found him unresponsive and not breathing. He is on a ventilator and not responding to any tests. They said there is no brain activity, so that means he is brain dead. I feel so helpless and heartbroken. I love that family like my own. I am trying to be there for her. She doesn't deserve this. They are waiting for his parents to get there, to decide what further action to take. This is so hard.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 26


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 25

TJ lost a toof ..

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 24

TJ and cousin Kade having their first sleepover together! They are having lots of fun!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 23

Making bows ..for the 4th of July ..

Day 22

Edward is MINE!

So excited for Eclipse!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 21

At the ER on Father's day, he had really bad stomach pain for 3 days .. so we took him to the hospital, we were there for 2 hours .. he had his urine tested and a stomach x-ray. Urine sample came back clear, and the x-ray showed bowel blockage. Said to give him more laxative, which we have been doing ..and pain reliever as needed. We came home at 1 AM. He slept all night long, in our bed ..and peed our bed too. But he's feeling 100% better!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 20

They are both feeling so yucky ..and have been sleeping ALL day on and off ..

Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 19

Wii have SO much fun :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 18

Splish splash we are taking a bath

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 17

Hoodlums and haircuts ..

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 16

The kids jamming to The Beatles ..

Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 15

A little funny story .. I bought this from one of my friends on my mom board, and it came today. I got it out of the box. It's a "Hello Kitty" jewelery box. I got it for my sister. I took it out ..and Gracie saw it, and she was saying it was hers .. saying "pretty". I let her look at it and play with it, and I said no honey ..it's for Lesya .. but I promise you I will ask her to give it back to you when you are older, you are too young. So I took it to put away ..and she got all sad and was saying "mine, mine .. give it!"

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 14

A new book I'm reading

Day 13

A beautiful flower we found on our walk..

Day 12

A beautiful campfire ..

Camping ..

Camping was a bust ..the first night was great, but it was cold as hell at night in the tent woke up this morning to rain for about 3 hrs then it stopped and we had a pretty good day ...explored, walked, played.. then again around 2 it started pouring rain and wouldn't stop for 4 hours ..so we got stuck in the tent finally the rain stopped around 6 and it was so dirty and muddy, of course Gracie had to go find a big mud puddle and walk and sit in it. She got so dirty, and we didn't have a extra set of clothes ..so I sucked it up and realized the trip was over so we packed all our crap up and came home.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

On hold ..

The 365 Project is on hold for a few days while me and my family go camping :) It is our first time camping together as a whole family ourselves. Should be lots of fun! Will be back Sunday afternoon ..and should have lots more pics to share...

Day 11

Big guy helping daddy getting our camping stuff ready for tomorrow

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 10

Baby girl playing with her doll house .. with her messy chocolate pudding face ..

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 9

A little play date with friends .. everyone had so much fun ..watching Toy Story

Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 8

Tommy's first day of swimming lessons ... with his class in the pool

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 7

The beginning of summer, it was so HOT today .. a nice fan to cool off with

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day 6

Nice Saturday evening relaxing at home, with a cat on the lap ..

Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 5

My handsome 2nd grader, it's the last day of school

The last post ..

The picture from yesterday was the Flying J truck stop. I had an interview yesterday for a job. This morning I got a call .. and I didn't get the position :( But at least I will have the memory one year later for being there!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 4

No words, just a memory ..

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 3

Today we took the kids to the park .. they had fun and played a little

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 2

This picture explains today .. the kids are sick and coughing their lungs out, so they are in their comfy cozies .. medicated .. watching Yo Gabba Gabba!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 1

This is the first day of my 365 Project!

It's Memorial Day, today we went to 3 different cemeteries, visited family and had a BBQ .. it was a wonderful day! So without further a due ... here is the first picture of the project .. I think it's very fitting!

Friday, May 28, 2010


On Monday, I am starting the 365Project, I am really excited about it. I love taking pictures! So look forward for that ..and look out for lots of pics! :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Some outside play ..

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Shrek Forever After

Today me and my husband Dan and both our boys TJ and Tommy went to see the new Shrek movie in 3D. This is the first time we have taken Tommy to the movie. He is 4 years old. We were worried he wasn't going to do well, because the last couple times we have taken him it was a total disaster. So we braced ourselves and took him. He did amazing!! He didn't fuss, cry or scream ...he just sat there on his little seat and watched the movie. He only got up once to go to the bathroom, but that was not even during the movie, it was during the previews ..the rest of the movie he sat in place. He wanted to go to McDonald's though ..because we promised him. After the movie was over we all went to McDonald's for Shrek toys. Tommy got his Shrek toy ..but TJ .. my sweet big man .. said he didn't want a kids meal anymore. That made me so sad! They had these special edition Shrek glasses, and we got 1 of each kind. They are too cool!

 That's one side

that's the other side

Aren't they awesome??

Guess which one is mine?? The Fiona one .. yeah!

It was a great day with my men!! I love them.

Then we came back and dropped the boys off at their grandma's because they spend the night there every Saturday, and Gracie has been at her house while we were gone ... and she was upset with us. She didn't want to stay there ... so mom made us come get her! She knew something wasn't right. We went and did something without her. She said  "my McDonald's" .. she was mad we didn't take her with us!! Poor thing.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Mommy Resume!

 Borrowed from Melodramommy blog: http://www.melodramommy.com/2010/04/giveaway-win-purse-from-thirty-one.html

CONTACT: Find me anywhere you hear or see children; sometimes I wear them too.

University of Real Life, Toddlerland
BA, Birthing Another
MA, Mothering Another
PHD, Praying hard daily, how else do you survive the BA and MA?

HONORS/AWARDS Finalist in the Semi Annual “My Baby Can Scream Louder Than Yours So-Please-Help-Me Jesus contest”; The Nursing-Mother’s “So This is What it’s Like to be a Cow” Award; “I’ve Sniff Bottoms More Frequently than a Custom’s Canine” First Place; “My Baby’s Head is a Lethal Weapon and I Survived Sleeping Next to it” Honorable Mention; Qualified to join the “I Abused my Diaper Bag to the Point it Exploded” Club. I write my own awards.


Chief Household Officer (CHO), To see a full list of my daily responsibilities click HERE.

Hazmat Specialist, I consistently identify, quarantine, and properly dispose of more hazardous waste in one week than an entire hazmat team in a year.

Translator, I am fluent and proficient in translating Toddlerese.

Teacher, my curriculum widely covers everything from the basics to those deep questions in life such as: “What’s that?” “Where did it come from?” and “Why Mommy?”

Personal Chef, I not only prepare and serve three meals a day, but snack times too.

Stylist, this includes everything from hair to socks and clothing. In addition I have had to give several lessons in what NOT to wear to my 2YO including the “No, we don’t wear a bathing suit over our dress” and “No, we don’t wear our Dora-the-Explorer Costume to church.”

On-Call Nurse, I’m told my kisses aid in the healing booboos

Professional Gift Wrapper, my clients specialize in making their own unique “presents” multiple times daily. I excel at quickly, and carefully wrapping these gifts with many layers of plastic one handed, and sometimes at night with only one eye open, all while holding my breath for very long periods of time.

Potty Training Doula, I’ve coached my patients in birthing more poopies, than a pediatrics ward has babies.

Driver & Tour Guide, encouraging safety first, I personally lift each client into his/her seat and assist them getting their entire body strapped into the car all while serenading them with many popular songs, such as “Twinkle little start,” though out the drive. I even narrate and give detailed descriptions of the various locations we pass through.

Wrestler, how else do you suppose I would get my youngest opponent diapered, bathed, dressed, and fed?

Heavy Weight Lifting Champion, yes, that’s what I call someone who functions throughout the day while carrying two human beings under each arm pit, keeping in mind that after the first five minutes, everything becomes heavy.

Surgeon and Real-life “Operation Game” Champion, who needs that game of Operation when one can extract play dough, Cheerios, penne pasta, and crayons out of a moving target’s nose—This brings the careful navigation of a surgeon’s swift steady hand to a whole new level.

Personal Shopper, in addition to helping my clients choose the best products on the market, my clients enjoy a joy ride being pushed in the top front of the shopping cart.

Professional Entertainer, I write my own music, performing original songs for all daily activities such as “This is how we wash our hands” and “this is how we brush our teeth.”

Story Telling Specialist, I can recite “Brown Bear” and “Good Night Gorilla” by heart, backwards, forwards, and in my sleep. That’s what happens when you’re asked to tell the same story over and over and over again.

Dental Hygienist, while brushing my patients teeth, offer two flavors of tooth paste, including the fluoride free bubble gum and fruit punch, I even sing the “this is how we brush our teeth song” to my patients!

Photographer, I capture that perfect shot of my clients. Yes, I do just about anything to get them to smile, including bribery, praise, and making a complete utter fool out of myself.

Inventor, I have used the diaper wipe to do all things, everything from wiping bottoms, noses, cleaning stains of carpets, shirts, cleaning the couch, to cleaning the baseboards of the house to functioning as earplugs. Desperate moments call for creative measures.

House Cleaner, it’s a tough job but somebody’s got to do it.

Police Officer, I excel at giving warnings, I’m the Time-Out enforcer, and have been told my facial expressions alone instill the fear of God in the disobedient.

Personal Coach, I give more encouragement and stickers than Santa Clause presents.

Dry Cleaner, While I do wash, dry, fold, and put away all the laundry, I do NOT do the actual dry cleaning; I just drop it off. Hey, I guess I can’t be all things to all people after all. You can’t say yes all the time. Just don't tell my italian Granmother this, and we'll all be just fine ; )


Multitasking Expert, I can nurse a baby while talking on the phone, updating my facebook status, sipping sweet tea, changing the channel on the TV, and chasing after my 2YO—all at the same time.

Mr Poopie Assailant

Thursday, May 13, 2010

And the winner is ..

My little sister Katya is going to be in the Miss USA pageant this weekend May 16th. She has come so far, and I'm so proud of her.

Check her out ..she is on the 1:40 mark in this Miss USA contestants video, for UTAH!

Go Katya!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cute Story ..

Gracie usually likes her daddy in the morning, and she was hanging on him .. but he had to leave and take the boys to school. So he says "You have to start loving mommy more then me" .. then he left. Since then, she climbed up on me and was kissing me and hugging on me. Then she said she was hungry. This is how our convo went:

Me: Do you want Poptart?
Gracie: No Poptart
Me: Banana?
Gracie: No Banana
Me: Eggs?
Gracie: No Eggs
Me: Cereal
Gracie: No Cereal
Me: Apple Sauce?
Gracie: Noooo HOT Sauce
Me: Nooo not hot sauce ..apple sauce
Me: Danonino (her favorite yogurt)

She put a BIG smile on her face, and shook her head side ways. I laughed, and said .. guess that's a yes then.
It was so cute!

Monday, May 10, 2010

I {heart} Faces challenge

This week's challenge is Celebrating Mom.
I am so blessed to have this little angel in my life.
She is a little princess and a diva.
I <3 her!
Head on over to I {heart} Faces for some amazing entries

Saturday, May 8, 2010

For Mother's Day ..

Tommy got a free ticket for 2 adults and up to 6 kids to Tracy Aviary. It's a place where they have all kinds of exotic birds. It's in Salt Lake City ..it's beautiful! So today we went there. There was a bird show and everything. It was neat. Of course I took TONS of pics

And here they are ...